Thursday, October 16, 2008

autumn - plaque

another new piece...

I made a thing

As I had hoped, my trip to the Harvest Festival got me refreshed and inspired. I have started a pastel drawing which I need to finish up, but here is a wooden framed mirror that I painted yesterday. I am really happy with the way it came out - I may just keep this one for myself!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hello and welcome! My name is Michelle, and I am madly in love... with creating art!
I work in any medium I can get my hands on. Hey, why restrict yourself to one when the possibilities are endless, right? Supplies and tools for creation are all around us; it's a matter of finding them and putting them to good use!

My specialties are as follows:
collage and mixed media techniques
illustrative and textural painting
and so much more, I can't even list them all...

I am attracted to creating murals because the idea of a room, a living area as a canvas holds endless creative possibilities. The magic of transforming a living space from bland and typical into a new world is wondrous and exhilarating for me as an artist, and for my clients!

I enjoy working closely with my clients to determine the best direction for the room(s) they wish to decorate. Many parents want to make their child's room a fun and comforting retreat and do so with murals. Kids rooms are a lot of fun to work on! I prefer to come up with original ideas over painting famous children's characters - but if your child really wants a certain character I will utilize and incorporate that imagery into something new and fantastic that your children will adore for many years to come!

For any living area, the sky is the limit. Really! I love to use many different kinds of mediums and materials, the only limit is the imagination, which is boundless! If we can dream it up, it can be created. So let's talk! I would love to bring the magic of art into your home and life. Whether you just want a print of one of my paintings to hang on a wall, or go all-out and art up the entire inside of your house - I am open minded, happy-go-lucky, and ready to make your creative needs a reality.

email me at or contact me on skype: mamachelle8
Let me know your ideas, and we'll go from there!

Visit my Talent Database listing to preview my portfolio:
a.k.a Land Of The Living